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About Dragon City
Do you think you can train and develop and the whole city is full of dragons? Then download Dragon City for Android now! In this game you will be able to fill your Dragon Book of all species. Decorate them with various skins and let them learn powerful skills as they evolve and grow.

You can also play together with your friends. Join alliances with others, compete in PvP and unlock tons of new features throughout your adventure.

Dragon City - Best Dragon
If you want to get the best dragon in Dragon City but don't know where to start? consider you lucky We have identified the pinnacles of all these mythical creatures. You will soon become a complete alpha. Dominate everyone in PvP matches.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 dragons in Dragon City. in the same way We have given a brief explanation. It's also about stats and in-game abilities.

Note: All of these are the strongest regular dragons, so any new player can quickly start and build the ultimate team with these.

iceberg dragon
Category: Sea | Ice
Level: 35 | Rank: B+ | 4 Stars
HP: 26,686 | Damage: 5,440
First and lowest on this list is the Iceberg Dragon. This creature has a sharp ice spear on its back that shields it from incoming threats and damage. Some of the most iconic basic skills that deal serious damage include Storm and Ice Spikes. When trained to deal damage up to 1350 using Whirlpool and Cryogenic Freeze, natural, war and flame types are a serious disadvantage to this sub-zero threat.

snail dragon
Type: Terra | Nature | Flame
Level: 43 | Rank: C- | 3 Stars
HP: 20,535 | Damage: 4,164

Win the race slowly and steadily. DPS is not as great as other dragons. So it's at 9th best, but look at that cute face! Flamethrower and Rotting Spell both deal 1200 damage to enemies. and when practiced You will have access to more powerful Beehive and Magma Storm skills.

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