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Games that are trending in 2020 with attractive and delicate gameplay are among us. Players are randomly selected to teammates and Impostor and achieve their goals with maximum accuracy. at the same time All factors can improve your true self. So be careful with your actions and don't get kicked out of the boat.

New job just added.
The environment is quite diverse. And there are also exciting quests specific to that environment that you will spend your time experiencing. at the same time A new mission has just been added, Vent Clean, and the name says it all when you have to find a way to clean this place. This position is often associated with impersonators in the game. Therefore, there are some factors that you need to be aware of and can confirm that this mission will affect the gameplay.

When you go to the area to clean the vents. The unexpected will happen: the forger's desire to vent the vent will be impossible. in other words The button doesn't appear when the impostor goes to the cleaning site. The Impostor is in the vent but hasn't left and the Crewmate comes in to clean it. Indeed, the person therein will be revealed. and you will know how to report the enemy. So when you go out relieved Go with people you trust a lot.

Take part in exciting levels
When you want to create a game screen You will be interested in many factors. Some factors you will need to consider are the number of players, the number of Impostors, whether the enemy's identity is revealed when thrown into space. Precisely, these factors often determine the gameplay challenges of this game that you will have to go through. From there, before starting the game, you will need to consult with the host to optimize it.

The gameplay of Among Us is straight forward and inspired by werewolves. When each player knows his duty and tries to do his duty well to overcome the level. Teammates must defeat all the Impostors on the ship with the clues they gather in the game. At the same time, if Crewmate were brought down to the same number as Impostor, victory would undoubtedly be a killer favorite in this game. So this is a fun gameplay.

Sometimes, the implementation of the above goals will take a long time for both parties. So the game has other requirements as well. That is, completing the number of missions for the Crewmate and the Impostor will sabotage and wait until the emergency is over. Therefore, every player must be alert to the elements he performs and pay careful attention to his surroundings.

You have to wait 10 seconds.

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